Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Tossing of the Corpses

The Tossing of the Corpses - a tradition at the St. Bartholomew Catholic School. It Celebrates the Black Death that swept through Europe in the Middle Ages. St. Bartholomew lost many students during the plague. During that dark time in the school's history the older boys would go through the dormitories every morning collecting the bodies of their fellow students that died during the night. The bodies would be tossed outside near the High Street to be picked up for burial. The Tossing has been reenacted every year since 1321. The boys are proud of this continued tradition. This was a good year. Only one cracked rib was reported.

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  1. Me thinks that many students in our humble schools should be tossed...if only order to teach those that wish to learn.

    Oh if only.....