Monday, February 14, 2011

St. Bartholomew's Students Organize The No Cussing Club

A group of students from St. Bartholomew's Catholic School in Cloverdale are challenging classmates to clean up their language. Brandon Bend, Gage Beazard and Kira Coll are trying to organize the school's first, and as far as this author knows, the only No Cussing Club in Clovershire.

"Cussing has no place in our school," said Kira Coll. "Like, you can't walk down the hall without hearing someone saying something offensive."

"Rude, that's what it is, just rude," chimed in Brandon.

The Sisters of Ever Increasing Hope operate the school and welcome the group's initiative. The Mother Superior, acting on behalf of the school's council, is expected to take action on their request at a meeting Thursday. If the club is approved, the students plan on placing posters throughout the school reminding students that "Careless Talk" is not welcome.

"Careless Talk means swearing and dirty language, including dirty jokes," Gage said when showing the groups first posters, printed and waiting for the Mother Superior's permission.

The three 16-year-old students say it's not uncommon to hear several different swear words in one conversation in hallways. They say club members would be challenged not to swear for certain periods of time and not to tell dirty jokes.