Sunday, March 18, 2012

Albert's Most Righteous Bubble

     Albert Lewis of 37 Twin Peaks Lane disrupted the Widow Johnson's sunday school class at the Saved by Grace Baptist Church in Cloverdale today. Acting upon a dare issued by Forest Blume, a well known sunday school miscreant, Albert chewed mightily to soften the gum while the Widow Johnson spoke of man's sinful nature. Then, just as she reached the point in the lesson where she held her hands to the heavens and called on the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts and minds of those in her charge, Albert blew his bubble. The "POP" pierced the silent prayer - giving the Widow Johnson a fright.
     "Jesus!" The Widow Johnson exclaimed. The class erupted into laughter.
     "Forest Blume!" The Widow Johnson shouted.  She looked straight at the only boy in the class with the temperament to do such a thing. "You're Hell bound for sure," she scolded. "Only you would do such a thing in a Baptist Sunday School."  Forest smiled, then pointed to Albert. The pink remains of the most righteous bubble draped over his mouth, chin and nose provided the evidence.
     "Albert Lewis?" The Widow Johnson couldn't believe her most religious student, her young pastor to be, would get involved in such tomfoolery.
     "Forest dared me to do it," Albert confessed as he watch her building anger transform her face.
     The Widow Johnson took both boys by the arm.  "I should have known," she mumbled as she led them straight to the Pastor's office for a proper rebuking.
     Sunday's are never dull at Cloverdale's Saved by Grace Baptist Church.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cloverdale's Early Morning Christian Gossips

     Norma Watkins and Jean Maple Stanley formed their lasting friendship on this very park bench in Cloverdale over thirty years ago. They've been the best of friends ever since, meeting in the park most mornings when their overall health and the weather will permit. Both grandmother's believe that a good gossip is the best way to start a day. It is their greatest delight to arrive at church with the village's best and most scandalous tales to be passed along to the ladies of their coffee club.
     Norma and Jean are the congregation's best source of village news. Gossip from anyone else, while still enjoyable and worthy of a tongue wag, must be taken with a grain of salt.