Friday, July 30, 2010

Cloverdale's Comprehensive School Choir Performs Somewhat Perfectly - Yet Predictably.

Last night many local residents of Cloverdale spent what seemed to many an eternity listening to the strained melodies of our local Comprehensive School's Choir performing their Summer Concert. Normally the concert is held at the village commons, but due to a pending storm the organizers moved the concert to the school's auditorium.

Of course I attended to support our local students, as did many others in the village (mind you, many stopped at the village's two pubs for a quick one to get them through the nearly hit notes, sung by vocal chords struggling with puberty, and a flurry of missed beats. I believe the ones off beat were the ones I saw standing on the Choir's back row. They were texting on their cell phones while they sang).

The casual hour long concert was stopped at two hours thanks to a power outage supplied by the Grace of God and a good lightening strike on the transformer outside of the village on Highway 1.

It was a night never to be forgotten.

And, to give you a taste of what you missed, a video of one of the numbers.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cloverdale Weekend Television. Songs of Praise

The Weather for Clovershire and the Midlands.
Heat again today, as it has been for the last several days. Relief is in sight for Monday and Tuesday as a weather front advances from the sea bringing cooler temperatures and moisture to the region. Remember to stay hydrated as you go about your outdoor activities.
Cloverdale's Keep Cool Neighborhood Shelters will be open today from 14:00 to 21:00 hours. Participating homes with air conditioning will open their doors to their neighbors who do not. Keep Cool Homes are identified by the "Keep Cool Shelter" signs placed prominently in their front windows.

On Today's Songs of Praise, Brought to you by Cloverdale's Council of Churches on Cloverdale Weekend Television we hear the Gregorians singing Immortal. Remember, Cloverdale's churches are all air conditioned. What better place to Keep Cool while nourishing your soul. Attend the Church of your choice today!