Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cloverdale's Newest Junior Firefighters.

Millbank Clauson and Coleman Larsen. New Junior Firefighters

Millbank Clauson and Coleman Larsen are Clovershire Fire Brigade’s newest Junior Firefighters. Both successfully passed their fire safety training and received their certificates in a ceremony last month at the Annual Fire Brigade’s Breakfast served at the Fire Station on the River Road in Cloverdale.

The boys are students at Cloverdale Middle School.
“They are my students,” said Miss Teacle, the boy's English teacher. Although unable to provide information on the boy’s character and academic qualifications, Miss Teacle was quick to point out that not knowing much about the boys was a good thing.
"They're trouble makers if I know them by name. I know the delinquents by name. You never forget them,” she said while fussing over a cup of coffee in the teacher’s lounge.

Millbank and Coleman have the Right Stuff, according to Coyden Ottley, Captain of the Shire’s Volunteer Fire Service. When asked to define ‘Right Stuff‘ Capt. Coyden said that each boy had a bicycle that could be refit with a fire hose and two fire extinguishers.
“All Junior Fighters must have the proper equipment to become first responders. That means a FireBike. They are trained to handle small fires that require a quick squirt from an extinguisher. They can also attach a hose to a hydrant but have instructions not to turn on the hydrant until the Brigade arrives.”

Coleman's Right Stuff Bike, Ready for Duty

Members of the Junior Firefighters provide demonstrations on proper home fire fighting techniques. They are trained to teach basic ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ and the proper use of an extinguisher. The educational outreach program has been successful except for a minor incident two weeks ago when Millbank accident discharged a fire extinguisher into the face of the Primary School’s Head Mistress. Millbank is a hero to the students and banned from stepping foot into the school again by order of the Head Mistress. Coyden issued a formal apology which will be read once the eye patches are removed from the headmistress’ eyes.

Noah Butler, Potential Arsonist

Coleman received his first call as a Junior Firefighter two weeks ago. Seven year old Noah Butler was seen playing with matches in the family garage. His mother called the Brigade and Coleman was dispatched by bike. Noah’s mother flagged Coleman down before he got to the house.
“He’s still in there lighting matches. I didn’t stop him because I want you to do it. He needs to learn a lesson.” She explained. They both crept up to the side of the garage and unwound the garden house. Mrs. Butler handed Coleman the end of the hose equipped with the PowerBlaster 9000 garden nozzle, a nozzle powerful enough to shoot the feathers off a bird at 20 yards.

Coleman positioned himself near the garage. He braced himself, ready to handle a hose under extreme pressure. He shot the ‘Thumbs Up‘ to Mrs. Butler. She opened the valve and release the fury. Coleman jumped into the door frame and aimed the sharp stream of ice water into Noah's chest. Several seconds of screaming later Mrs. Butler shut off the flow. The hose went limp. Noah was found partly clothed behind a disturbed trash can. The force of the water left him naked except for a pair of cotton boxers and one sock. From his expression, Mrs. Butler assumed the lesson was learned.

The citizens of Cloverdale want to congratulate Coleman and Millbank on their accomplishments and urge all citizens to support them in their endeavours to make our village a safe and happy place.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cloverdale Weekend Television. Songs of Praise. Amazing Grace, I Am Set Free

The Weather in Clovershire.
The Shire dries after a day of rain with more rain descending late in the evening. This leaves partly sunny and less turbulent skies for most of the day with temperatures mild and winds calm. A promising day is expected for your Sunday.
Songs of Praise is brought to you by Cloverdale's Churches urging you to give God one day in seven. Meet your neighbors and friends today at one of Cloverdale's many houses of worship.