Saturday, October 2, 2010

Brendan Prepares for Sunday Meeting

Brendan is home preparing for Sunday Meeting at Cloverdale's First Baptist Church, located at 4th and Main. If you live within a one hour's drive of Cloverdale you'll not want to miss it. The meeting will start at 10:00 A.M. with Brendan providing much of the music. At 11:00 its expected the preacher will do a pulpit call urging all the unrepentant and unclean in the congregation to come to Jesus. All sinners will move forward to get their anointing while Brendan sings Precious Lord. It will stir your spirit to see so many saved.

Remember, if you feel separated from Jesus, guess who moved. Just a thought as you contemplate an eternity with the damned if you don't come to Meeting and make your peace with God.

A Friendly Reminder from Cloverdale's Baptist community.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Cloverdale Lab Looking for Test Subjects

This ad appeared in yesterday's Confederacy Times, Cloverdale's biweekly newspaper. This month the Times will be delivered to your yard, roof or neighbor's yard by an air cannon mounted on the roof of Cloverdale's Comprehensive School and operated by members of the School's Science Fiction Club, the SciFives and the school's math club - who will calculate the trajectories (the Times makes an acceptable donation to both clubs for the service, the money from which pays their train fare to the SciFi Festival held every November at Tamworth on Tide). Many members of the clubs already responded to this ad.

Filroy at Last Year's SciFi Convention at
Tamworth on Tide

"Filroy's father and I are so please he's decided to enroll in this year long program," said Mrs. Bloom as she explained her reasons for requesting a year's absence for her son from school. "We're hoping he will make some new friends and, well... Making normal friends is more than enough." As a side note she added, "Besides, he meets the only qualification listed. Filroy loves cake."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Room Mother Mary Toop Pauses for a Quick One.

Second Grade Room Mother Mary Toop is enjoying a quick smoke outside Cloverdale’s Train Station. She’s accompanying her daughter’s second grade class from St. Bartholomew's’s Catholic School on their field trip. The children are in the waiting room listening to Station Master Pipply explain the history of the building and railroading in the Confederacy. Station Master Pipply is known for excessive blather when it comes to his station, trains and railroad history. He enjoys hosting field trips but has one weaknesses readily noticed by teachers and parents - his lack of judgement concerning what interests a second grader.

Cloverdale Station Master Pipply
Eager to Blather.

Station Master Pipply prepares his curriculum for railroad enthusiasts and doesn’t see the need to rewrite them for younger audiences. He will however, change his delivery with children. With adult enthusiasts he speaks in normal conversational tones. He shouts at children. He thinks by shouting they’ll better understand his elevated vocabulary (much the same way people raise their voices when attempting to converse with someone that doesn't speak their language). His shouting serves another purpose. It prevents him from hearing the children complain to the teacher about how boring it is and when will they get to ride the choo choo train.

Mary Toop has heard the speech several times over the years and, feeling the need for a smoke, stepped away when the teacher wasn’t looking. In a minute or two she’ll feel normal and ready to deal with the children, their short train ride, lunch, potty breaks and the rest of the day.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cloverdale Weekend Television. Songs of Praise. The Boys Brigade

Coverdale Weather.
A day trip to Tamworth on Tide or the Lake of Sorrows may be the only relief Clovershire residents can find from this unusual Autumn heat wave. Expect crowded trains to the coast and book your day trip tickets early. Think of cooler temperatures and Autumn leaves, for this too shall pass.
Today on Cloverdale Weekend Television's Songs of Praise, enjoy The Boys Brigades singing from their annual convention.
Cloverdale's Council of Churches encourages you to attend one of the village's houses of worship. Please call Cloverdale 4365 for more information on Sunday services, times and locations.