Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pounder and his Drums

Laura and Frank Huish of Clover Way are about to start a new, post Christmas, tradition in their family. “We call it Santa giveth and Santa Taketh,” said Laura as she watched her son Pounder enjoy his new Christmas drum set. “It’s been a living hell around this house. Frank won’t even come home until Pounder goes to bed. Look at the bags under my eyes,” she said referring to the large fleshy bags of fat and skin protruding from under her steely gray eyes. “I can’t sleep.”

Pounder loves his drums. A short lived love for in the dead of night on January 25th Santa will make another visit to Cloverdale in the Shire and take back the drums he stupidly delivered to Pounder.

Frank Barnes, manager of the local Costco on Meredith Drive reports this new, ‘Santa Taketh’, tradition is spreading through the Shire as more and more of these mini drum sets are finding their way back to the store. “Nobody wants them, not even the homeless shelters. We tried to give them to the disadvantaged children in the shelter but their parents refused.
“We’re poor mister not stupid,” said Ima Poorly, spokeswoman for the disadvantaged.
“There in the dumpster if anyone wants one.” Frank said pointing to the overflowing dumpster outback.

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