Sunday, January 18, 2009


The Nelsons on Mulberry Street are proud of their cat Dumpling. She is the proud holder of the title Best Mouser in the Confederacy. She was given a year's supply of cat nip and her very own cashmere scratching post.

She doesn't move as quickly as she once did, so to maintain her title Dumpling had to innovate. Her new method for catching mice is remarkably well thought out. She sits perfectly still, like a crocodile and waits. A bit of cheese is placed in front of her. Eventually the mouse will move forward to get the cheese and snap - she swallows it whole.
"She's a great kitty." Mrs. Nelson said as she stroked Dumpling. "Although you do have to hold her over the litter box so she can be a good girl. Her poor little legs don't support her any more." Dumpling purred with the attention and promptly spit up a hair ball.

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