Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marcell's New Glasses. Will You Include Your's on your Organ Donor Card?

Marcell Mist is a student blessed with new sight at Cloverdale's Middle School. Why the smile seen here in this picture, a smile not seen on Marcell's face for quite some time? Because Marcell is the recipient of a new pair of donated glasses through the Deceased Eyeglass Donor program.

The local government's Deceased Eyeglass Donor Program encourages the Cloverdale's residents to include their eyeglasses on their organ donor permission included on the back of all Clovershire's driver's licenses. So, along with their kidney's and hearts, citizens can donate their no longer needed eyeglasses to those in need. Why take a perfectly good pair of glasses to the grave when someone in your own neighborhood could benefit with their use?

"It is our opinion that eyeglasses will not be needed by those resurrected from the grave when the Lord returns," said the Most Reverend Bishop of the Cloverdale Parish. "I encourage everyone in the village to include your eyeglasses on your organ donor card."

Mr. George Gray

Marcel is the grateful recipient of Mr. George Gray's eyeglasses. George Gray passed away recently due to complications from minor electrocution caused through the use of a faulty defibrillator used to restore normal cardio rhythm during a costly root canal. The Gray children presented their father's eyeglasses to Marcell during a school assembly last Thursday. Marcell stumbled onto the stage because of poor eyesight and poor lighting but left the stage walking sure and steady with a new pair of glasses and clear vision.

"Its a miracle," shouted two students from the back of the auditorium. Each received two days of in school suspension for their flippant remark.

George Gray rests in peace knowing his donation helped a young boy live a richer and fuller life.

If you are interested in becoming an eyeglass donor, please check the organ and eyeglass donor box on the reverse side of your driving license.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cloverdale's Mennonites, Today on Cloverdale Weekend Television

The Weather for Cloverdale and the Shire.
A sea of white throughout the Clover Valley envelopes the village and surrounding communities. Thick fog is expected throughout the day with a lifting perhaps as early as mid evening. Safe driving will be jeopardized with limited visibility. Colder than seasonal temperatures accompanies the fog making what some in the weather office are calling "a kind of day not even a strong cup of tea could brighten".

Cloverdale Weekend Television is proud to introduce Cloverdale's first Songs of Praise sponsored by the village's small but noticeable Mennonite congregation. The Mennonite's meet in the Albrecht home on Juniper Street every Sunday at 11:00 A.M. Each gathering is following by worshipful singing and coffee.

The congregation sent the following video and note to CWT :
We've noticed that your station airs religious broadcasting every Sunday morning. Our Cloverdale congregation would like to become part of that tradition by contributing a video to your Songs of Praise program. This video features our small fellowship gathered for morning coffee after service in our house church. Forgive the sound of the camera. Grandmother Willis was raised in the old ways and is unschooled on the proper use of the electronic device. She was elected to video because her voice, at one time beautiful, is now best used for the preaching of the word.

As a small congregation of believers, we want to thank the village for their support and acceptance. While we may dress differently, and at times have issue with certain forms of modernity, we are still Christians who make for good neighbors.