Saturday, January 17, 2009

Matthew 'Mutt' Johanson

Little Matthew 'Mutt' Johanson, son of Aberdeen and Mertle Johanson of Birch Street, struck it rich as the Confederacy's newest child model. He posed for this poster sponsored by the Republican National Committee on the upcoming O'Bama Presidency.

Johnny Crump

Here in the Confederacy there are some words you can say and some you can't. Little Johnny Crump is having trouble learning the difference. Mrs. Crump is at her wit's end. We aren't sure her 'cure' is working. Their neighbors on Orchard Avenue report that his language explodes in vibrant colors every time the device is removed from his mouth. Johnny comes from a long line of Crumps with this language disorder.

Lending a Helping Hand

The people in the Confederacy believe in lending a helping hand. Being a good neighbor is expected.


Smoker, Mascot for the Cloverdale Fire Department, Downtown Depot (he isn't a real Dalmatian). His spotted coat was made by the Ladies Auxiliary. Smoker loves to Bark and helps identify the location of fire hydrants.