Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reggie Fulton and the Army of the Forlorn

Reggie Fulton is the proprietor of Fulton’s Green Grocers on the High Street in Cloverdale where you find the freshest fruit and veggies in the Shire - guaranteed. Business has been off since the Red Owl opened last month. Reggie looks at it as a blessing in disguise. He and his mates have more time for war gaming.
This weekend Reggie and his Army of the Forlorn are waging war against another club of reenactors from the village of Dibbley in the Downs (twelve miles from Cloverdale on Highway 1 going south. Be sure to turn at the farmer’s market where 1 intersects the Coastal Road). This epic engagement is being fought on the Logner Dairy Farm, where ‘sharp’ is put in the cheese.
Reggie is a Sargent in the first company of the Forlorn. They're doing well this weekend. They've beaten Dibley’s Legions in every match. The Legionaries are military reenactors that specialize in creating a perfect replica of a Roman Legion.
“They sure look cute in their skirts,” Reggie said laughing, “But you can’t take a guy seriously dressed like that.”
The Legionaries are given a handicap. Their wooden swords are given full death points. If you are touched you go down. The trick is getting close enough to the Forlorn to attack them by sword. The Legionaries are saving their secret weapon for Sunday’s battle. They’ve built a full scale, fully operational trebuchet capable of hurling boulders clear across the field. It will be an interesting afternoon not to be missed.


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  1. "where sharp is put into the cheese"? HAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHA

    What is this military hunta launching in the trebuchet? Flaming sheep, large cheese wedges, rocks, boiling oil? perhaps the rotten dead bodies from the "tossing of the corpses"?