Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cloverdale's Gamers Have a New Home

Until now Cloverdale's gaming population had two options if they wanted to purchase a new game. They could order one online and wait for delivery (and the Confederacy Post isn't known for promptness), or visit Donaldson's Department Store's small video game department next to the televisions and cell phones. The department store's electronics purchaser is 53 year old Eunice Planter. She is of the opinion that most video games are a waste of a young person's time. She is especially vigilant in her civic responsibilities and believes violent video games can twist young fragile and perceptive minds into acts of violence.

Acting on her opinions, Miss Planter stocks Donaldson's two video game shelves with educational games which teach basic math, grammar and spelling. Sales are virtually non existent so she makes up for the short sales in video games by offering good prices on all other electronics.

Mark Savage, Owner of Savage's Gaming in Cloverdale at a Recent Gaming Conference at Tamworth on Tide.

Today there is rejoicing in the darkened bedrooms of Cloverdale's male population. Savages's Gaming opened its doors yesterday. Owner Mark Savage, a decorated veteran of several online military campaigns, invites everyone, both young and old, to visit his new store for their gaming needs. In addition to all the latest games, Savage's offers a gaming room at the back of the store for online gaming. For a modest fee and slighter higher than normal prices for Coke products, you can leave reality and enter Savage's world.

Cloverdale's Chamber of Commerce welcomes this new addition to the village, found on Station Road.