Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trudy, the First Grade, and Death Dodge Ball.

Trudy in Her Days of Leisure

Trudy was truly the luckiest mouse in the Confederacy. Miss Patience's first grade class at Confederacy Elementary pampered this little fellow with every luxury a mouse would desire. Until now. Trudy needed to get in shape.

Recently Miss Patience noticed Trudy's slight weight gain. She saw the same problem in her more docile students. In an effort to stem this extra growth in her students, Miss Patience prepared a new unit on exercise and proper nutrition. Soon the entire class was eating celery and carrot pudding and Running For Life. Running for Life was the term Miss Patience used to describe her joint PE times with the sixth grade. The sixth grade students were pitted against her first grade class in Death Dodge Ball.

"Nothing gets their little hearts pumping and calories burning more than running for their lives from a sixth grade boy that sees a helpless kid in his sights. Those boys sure can throw hard." Miss Patience explained while caring for a young girl with broken glasses and a bloody nose.

Trudy was spared the pounding of dodge ball. A hamster wheel was installed in her cage instead. Trudy was not amused.


  1. This critter looks exactly like the fat little voles that have been tunneling under the ice and snow (left from the storm of the century) dining heavily on my luscious, front lawn grass roots all winter. In the spring my lawn will look like a big city road map from all the vole tunnels. I can hear them chomping under the snow as I type. Tell Miss Patience to send the deadly sixth grade dodge-ball team over to my house...they can practice taking out all the voles they wish. Tell the kids to really fill up the dodge balls with the point of blowing up. I want the voles gone!!! Viva la dodge ball!!

  2. Oh the memories of 6th grade dodge ball! In my son's class, it was called Slaughter Ball. That's the version needed for voles I think.