Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Barry Blessly. You are Nearly Something!

Barry Blessly is the second child of Clive and Mary Beth Blessly of 2 Sycamore Avenue in Cloverdale. Barry is a 'B' student in school. A's seem to be just beyond his reach. Barry is a Boy Scout. A year ago he achieved the rank of Second Class. He gets up early every morning to finish two paper routes before breakfast. Last week Barry took second place in Confederacy Elementary School’s mile race. He is second chair Viola in the Cloverdale Orchestralet and shares a bedroom with his older brother. Of course he has the top bunk. His father is the assistant manager at Cloverdale’s very own Monday’s Bakery. His mother is the Vice Chair of the Second Branch of the Daughters of the Confederacy. He is the second student called when the teacher calls the role. Barry keeps 2 Dunces (worth $3.50 American dollars) in his shoe for emergencies. Barry loves riding in the back seat of the family’s car.
“Nobody wants the back seat so I never have to call it,” he says with contentment and a twinkle in both eyes. Barry’s clothes are hand me downs, passed on by his older brother. “They’re broke in,” he says as he rubs his hand down the front of his T-shirt. Barry keeps two bright shiny agates in his pocket for luck. Barry tried to learn ballroom dancing but had to give it up on account of his two left feet.

Yesterday Barry’s school counselor asked the students in Barry’s class what they wanted to be when they grew up. They wrote their responses on pieces of poster board . Barry wrote 'Vice President'. The counselor wasn't surprised.

Barry Blessly is an unusual boy that stands two inches outside of the spotlight. Don’t be ashamed if you overlook him in a group. Barry prefers it that way. At two steps behind the crowd he can live life at his pace.

Barry, your friends in Cloverdale are very nearly proud of you and what you’ve almost accomplished. You are a model citizen in the Confederacy of Dunces.


  1. Another interesting episode. I hate to be nit-picky about lovely creative writing, but doesn't the teacher call the "roll"?

  2. Barry, while quietly plodding through life in second place, has achieved (A+++++++!) what so few youngsters of today lack....HUMILITY!!!

    Bravo, Barry Blessly for understanding life has limitations and being cleaver enough to do the best with what life offers!!