Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Donations to the Cloverdale Village Bookmobile

The Cloverdale Village Bookmobile is pleased to announce the addition of the following new books to its children's collection. These books were purchased with funds obtained from the fees charged for the return of overdue books.

Nancy Morris and her husband Jeff, checking out books to Cloverdale's Children from village Bookmoble.

"The addition of any new book is highly anticipated by our patrons," said Nancy Morris, driver of the Bookmobile. "Once news gets out that the bookmobile has new books we'll have people lined up at each of our stops just to try to get one. I'm guessing each book will end up with long waiting lists of folks anxious to read something new. It's been awhile since the Bookmobile's had anything new. In fact, I believe our last new book was that Julia Child's French Cookbook. We put it on our nonfiction shelf right after that movie about her came out a few years back."

There are some in Cloverdale that are questioning the new titles and their appropriateness for children. The head librarian at the village library responded to those citizens by saying, "Are some of the books controversial? Yes they are. Our village has always accepted differing points of view. We've always welcomed those that are considered slightly off by those from the outside world. So why shouldn't the village library reflect that same degree of oddity? I want everyone in the village to know that each book was carefully screened by the citizens committee that oversees the library's budget and passed as readable within the community's standards."

Cloverdale's children enjoy looking at the pictures in another recent addition to the bookmobile's collection. The picture book is titled "A Child's Primer on Scientific Communism", donated in 1963 by the six members of Cloverdale's Proletariat Party.

Enjoy these new books, and remember to read. Reading is a great way to learn. Remember the slogan above the library's main entrance: Read, Read and Read Some More.

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