Thursday, January 6, 2011

December's Bicknell Brewery Students of the Month

Cloverdale’s Bickwell Brewery, makers of Belair, an ale with character only served in the finest pubs, is pleased to announced the village’s Students of the Month for December. Remember, “If you still have nose hair then you’re not drinking Belair”.

The Bickwell family realize the importance of recognizing achievement, in all its forms.
“Recognize them kids early before life beats ‘em down,” is something Bob Bickwell, president of Bickwell Brewery, is often heard saying.

Every month, the Bickwell family accepts nominations from parents, teachers and students for the previous month’s Student of the Month. The applications are carefully reviewed and the honorees announced in a short school assembly held the first Thursday of every month.

The school’s ban on liquor advertisements is suspended on Awards Day. This gives the brewery an opportunity to display posters of their products in the auditorium’s lobby. The brewery begins each program with a PowerPoint presentation. Some discuss the dangers of drinking and driving. Others urge the students to drink responsibly and knowing their limits. Aluminium Al, The Brewery’s beer can mascot, is on hand to toss out free t-shirts and other prizes. It is an assembly the students never miss - even when suffering from hangovers.

December’s honorees were:

Jose Pascoe.
Jose isn’t very bright or talented, but what a party animal he is. Jose organizes awesome student activities for his Latinos in Action club. He organized Nerf Wars for their November activity. The social was held in the basement of the Cloverdale Community College’s Science Building. Thanks to students like Jose, our brighter more promising Latino students have an emotional release and a chance to work up a sweat and develop good lasting friendships.

Steven Sterling Smith.
Steven is obsessed with physics and has maintained a straight A average since he started the third grade as a five year old. The one aspect of physics that draws him off the normal beaten path into the twilight zone of oddity is the principle of entropy. He sees entrophy at work around him. Things that were once new and pristine slowly degenerate into a chaos if left to themselves without outside interference. New becomes old. Order leads to disorder. Beauty fades to the ravages of age. Steven is determined to do battle with entropy. He monitors his physical appearance several times each day. All imperfections are removed to the best of his ability. Steven wraps everything he owns in the hopes of keeping it as new as possible. Such dedication to discipline impressed the Bickwell jurors, thus leading to his receiving the award.

Congratulations to these two deserving students.

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