Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cloverleaks Brings You the Truth About Millstone Road, Cloverdale.

This Picture, taken of the Janklef Home before it was torn down, was leaked to Cloverleaks from a source
within the Ministry of Truth, Education and Propaganda.

A Posting from Cloverleaks.
Releasing the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

We find the leaks before “They” plug them up.

Two weeks ago something happened at 4:32 A.M. on Millstone Road, Cloverdale that woke the entire neighborhood.

“It drew me straight out of bed to see what was the matter,” said one elderly neighbor who asked not be identified.
“It had the sound of a muffled explosion,” said another woman, again not wanting to be identified. “But we aren’t suppose to talk about it so I’d better hush up before someone finds out.”

The woman was correct. Within one hour of the incident helicopters arrived and what looked like SWAT officers from Capital City closed the entire street and evacuated the neighborhood. Everyone was taken to the Comprehensive School’s theater and introduced to the Minister of Truth, Education and Propaganda (Minitruth). He spent the next twenty minutes explaining the National Secret’s Act and how what happened on Millstone Road fell within the Act’s prerogative. The penalties for ‘talking’ could be severe.

The Minister thanked them for their attention and turned the microphone over to a gentleman wearing a National Gas Board tradesman’s uniform. He gave the audience a speech with power point presentation on the dangers of natural gas.

“It is our belief that what happened on your street was a natural gas explosion caused by the build up of gas under the home in question,” he said as he wrapped up his remarks. “The National Gas Board takes full responsibility and will compensate each of you for any damage caused by the explosion.”

An unidentified man stood up in the darkened hall and raised his hand to speak. “Sir, that was no gas explosion. Did you see the house? I was more of an implosion!”

The room went quiet. The house lights immediately brightened. Two men wearing dark suits and ear pieces converged on the man’s row - each coming from a different direction to cut off any possible escape. The woman sitting next to the man screamed. The man tried to escape by crawling over the people in front of him but was captured before he could do so and dragged out of the hall.

The room was quiet again. Everyone’s eyes focused on the government minister. He looked surprised and perhaps frightened. He cleared his throat and urged the officer from the Gas Board to continue by waving his hand forward.

The gentleman at the microphone continued, his voice wavered showing a level of stress that wasnt’ there before. “As I said, it was a natural gas explosion.”

Mrs. Janklef. Missing.

A woman stood and spoke. Her voice was firm, showing no sign of fear. “That home belonged to Mildred Janklef. I don’t see her here. Is she alright? Was she injured?”

Two more men in suits started moving toward the woman’s row but stopped when the Minister held out his hand and motioned them back into their corners. The Minister took the microphone. “Mrs. Janklef has been taken to Captial City for treatment. There will be no further questions.”

With that the meeting ended. The villagers were taken back to their neighborhood by bus. When they arrived they saw that Janklef home had been torn down. Bulldozers were finishing up the work. Dump trucks were busy going back and forth taking away the debris. Bright yellow police tape surrounded the yard with signs from the Ministry posted at every corner reminding everyone of the National Secrets Act.

The Posters Reminding the residents of Millstone Road of the National Secrets Act.

Today, only those living on Millstone Road are allowed to enter that neighborhood. Police have checkpoints at both entrances and check everyone’s identification before they are allowed to pass. A large plastic bubble covers the place where Mrs. Janklef once lived. People from the Ministry of Science and Industry work in the bubble morning, noon and night. No one can see what they are doing, and because of the signs posted everywhere are too afraid to ask.

Cloverleaks is demanding an explanation. Cloverleaks wants to know what happened on that quiet street two weeks ago. Cloverleaks wants to know what happened to Mrs. Janklef. A check of all hospitals in the Confederacy failed to turn her up. She has effectively disappeared off the face of the planet.

Cloverleaks is defying the National Security Act by bringing this to your attention. Our purpose is to inform only. What you do with this information is strictly up to you.

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