Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thorazine, Found Only at Cloverdale's Clowes Chemists.

Cloverdale’s Nearly There Home for the Elderly and Senile is pleased to announce a new treatment option for our agitated seniors. Clowes Chemist’s in Cloverdale have procured a delivery of a newly approved compound for the treatment of agitated seniors, our local schizophreniacs and the children in our schools suffering from hyperactivity and excitability.

Thorazine, as advertised in this new poster placed in the front window of the Nearly There Home for the Elderly and Senile, is helpful in the treatment of many disorders of the brain, according to the Confederacy’s Ministry of Drugs and Chemical Compounds.

Clowes, The Chemists, is the sole distributor of Thorazine in the Cloverdale area. In addition to Thorazine, Clowes offers a wide range of drugs, sweets, tobacco and haberdasheries. It is your “One Stop Shopping for Drugs” according to their radio ads, played daily on Radio 4.

Many may not know this, but Clowes also carries a wide range of foreign drugs produced by reputable manufactures. These foreign drugs offer a less expensive option for those not able to afford the Confederacy’s higher standards for compound purity.

Clowes, The Chemists, encourages all to visit their store during the Holiday Season. This week’s specials include a 25% discount on ‘Holiday Bliss‘ a herbal treatment for holiday stress and fatigue. When taken with a small amount of whisky, Holiday Bliss has been known to calm those suffering from excessive holiday excitement. Holiday Bliss' tranquilizing effects are also good for those facing the holidays alone.

Enjoy your shopping experience. Shop the shops of Cloverdale.

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