Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cloverdale's Parthenon and Dorcet Deacon’s Delicious Delicacies. A Perfect Match for your Christmas Festivities

Cloverdale's Parthenon, Your Home for Christmas Party Fun.

Are you looking for a classy setting for your family, group or organization’s Christmas Party? We ask that you consider Cloverdale’s Parthenon, located at the south end of Cloverdale’s village park, near the duck pond and public toilets.

The Parthenon offers competitive rates with other local venues such as Cloverdale’s two local pubs, The Kicking Donkey and The Hairy Lemon. It can accommodate groups of two to eight persons with sink and microwave provided.

Heating can be a bit of a bother in the Winter. Fires are allowed in the fireplace although there have been complaints about bird nests clogging the chimney.

Dorcet Deacon of Dorcet Deacon's Delicious Delicacies proudly displaying her establishment's Fully Catered English Breakfast Available at Cloverdale's Parthenon.

Dorcet Deacon’s Delicious Delicacies is a local village caterer who offers a discount to groups using The Parthenon. Her kitchen is located just outside the park’s south gate meaning your meal can be cooked fresh and delivered directly to the Parthenon minutes after coming out of the ovens. Her speciality is a fully catered English Breakfast for those families looking for something different for their catered evening meal.

“I know it may seem somewhat peculiar to serve breakfast for dinner but delicious food is good anytime,” Dorcet said in a recent telephone interview. “We’ve catered several full breakfasts for family gatherings at the Parthenon and each was a resounding success.”

The Millard’s booked The Cloverdale Parthenon for their family Christmas party last week. For the past ten years, the Millard’s reserved the Saved by Grace Lutheran Church Hall. But with the passing of Grandpa several months back and Grandma now a resident at the Nearly There Home for the Elderly and Senile (not to mention their oldest Merity, now a student at the Polytechnic and not expected home until December 24th) the Lutheran Hall was just too big for their smaller family gathering. The Parthenon offered the solution. And, with Dorcet’s kitchen able to cater at a reasonable price, the decision was easy. The Parthenon was it for this years Millard Family Christmas gathering.

“We had a great time,” wrote Martin Millard on the post booking survey mailed to him after the event and returned in this morning’s post. “The venue was clean and cozy and the food was to die for, although Mother thought it weird that I ordered the recommended breakfast. We adapted and grew closer as a family over sausage, beans, bacon and egg.”

Cloverdale’s Parthenon should be your family’s choice for your group Christmas Party.

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