Friday, September 10, 2010

The Simpits Lost Their Cat

Mr. Tiddles escaped once again from the Simpits back garden at 34 Clove Lane, Cloverdale. This is the second time the man from the Electrical Board failed to lock the gate leading to the Simpits back garden during a monthly reading of the Simpit's power meter.

A scene from the Clovershire Electrical Board's movie "Your Friend the Meter Man" Shown at all the Shire's schools to teach our children not be afraid of the Meter Man when he knocks on their door and asks to come in.

The Electrical Board issued a statement regretting the accident. In the memo the Board said:
Our meter readers do all they can to enter and exit dwellings without causing notice or alarm. In the Simpits case, Mr. Tiddles was in the back garden at the time of the reading, sunning himself out of sight from the electrical meter. The Reader sneezed while recording the power usage thus waking Mr. Tiddles. The sudden appearance of a fully grown male lion running toward you at full speed looking at you like you were his lunch caused the Reader to exit the premises quickly, thus failing to lock the gate behind him.
"Mr. Tiddles wouldn't hurt a fly," Frank Simpits said during an interview with Cloverdale Weekend Television.

Please contact Cloverdale's Police Department should you spot Mr. Tiddles rummaging through your garbage. Also it might be best to stay indoors until the cat is captured.

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