Sunday, September 12, 2010

Duchess is Going Unicorn Spotting.

Duchess Waits Patiently

Duchess is once again waiting for her owner. It’s Sunday morning in Cloverdale and Janice Beechly will do what she has always done on a summer Sunday morning - unicorn spotting.

Janice loves unicorns, is single, and doesn’t get out much - except for her Sunday unicorn spotting and of course her job as a customer service attendant at the local Red Owl Grocery Store. Duchess is her best friend and confidant. Together they’ve searched the Shire’s enchanted forests from one end to the other. When they finish they start over again because spotting unicorns requires diligence, patience, and an unwavering belief in magic and the enchanted creatures such a believe requires of its faithful.

Janice admiring her art work painted on her mother's car door.
They are a unicorn believing family.

Janice believes today may be the day she and Duchess spot their first unicorn. Janice had a dream the night before. In the dream she saw a lovely white unicorn standing near a gently running stream banked by thick green grass sprinkled with yellow flowers. Behind the unicorn was a tree recently struck by lightning. Lightening struck trees have magical powers which attract magical creatures. Janice remembers seeing the tree from her dream in last year’s search.

Yes, today was the day they will spot their first unicorn. Every fiber in her being said so, along with the tea leaves in her morning cupper.

Duchess waits while Janice gathers her magic kit and camera. They’ll be on the road soon. It is the kind of day that makes Duchess appreciate she’s a dog.

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