Monday, September 6, 2010

Cloverdale Weekend Television. Tonight on Classics. Vivaldi: Dopo un'orrida procella (from "Griselda")

Tonight on Cloverdale Weekend Television's A Night of Classics, Soprano Simone Kermes at the Shwetzinger Festspiele 2010 with the Venice Baroque Orchestra. Tune in right after the local news and this evening's Books and You with Cloverdale Village Librarian Doloris Shilp. Tonight Doloris makes her school year 2010-11 predictions on which books will be checked out the most during the nine months of the school year. Miss Shilp was spot on in her last year's predictions. Will the same be true this year? This is suspenseful television at its best, what you are used to when you tune in to Cloverdale Weekend Television.

Comprehensive School Note: Tonight's 'A Night of Classics' meets the fifth requirement of coursework for the Music history class at the Comprehensive School's Musical History Class.

A friendly reminder from the school's music department.

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