Monday, September 13, 2010

This Just In

We welcome back our international roving war correspondent, Mortimer Thunk, who has recently recovered from a prolonged bout with Tapeworms in the distant country of Parasitistan.

In the War on Occasional Terror, it's important to see how the allied nations are coping with the advanced equipment supplied by the United States to their armed forces. In the country of MicroAtollesia, the defense forces there have been supplied with advanced polystyrene carbon-based patrol craft intended for interception of insurgent Sith-Kabob commandos travelling the eel-infested waterways.

To train their men on the new craft, the government has devised a clever water-craft simulator which is shown here in operation. The beauty of this simulator is that is energy efficient and uses up little of the country's precious fresh water supply.

Mark Daymont
Editor in Chief
Confederacy Times

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