Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mrs. Olivia Twine's New Hat

Mother’s Day in Cloverdale. 2010

Mrs. Olivia Twine is the president of Cloverdale's Anglican Woman’s Guild. As president, she feels part of her responsibilities is to set the proper example in church attire. “The proper hat for the proper occasion” is her motto, and she does what she can to encourage her ladies to wear tasteful hats on special occasions, like Mother’s Day.

Every Mother’s Day everyone in Cloverdale’s Anglican Community anxiously awaits Mrs. Olivia Twine’s arrival at church services because every Mother’s Day she sets the hat style for the year. Her hats are carefully chosen. This process involves several hours on the internet, looking at the hats the ladies in Europe’s Royal Courts are wearing. With that knowledge in mind she takes several trips to the finest hat shops in Capital City to select the hat that best suits the new European style. Once the hat is selected it shipped to Cloverdale’s one hat shop, The Boutique Rozette, where it can be purchased locally, all in her effort to encourage and support local businesses. Olivia leaves her husband Clyde detailed instructions for the hat’s purchase. Her husband follows the instructions religiously because it is his job to surprise her with that very same hat on Mother’s Day morning. It is a strange process but one Clyde doesn’t mind, after all, she does all the work and Clyde has only to write a check.

Olivia’s arrival at church is timed perfectly to coincide with the singing of the first hymn. The Vicar knows to reserve a section of the front pew for the Twine family, meaning that Olivia and Clyde must walk from the back door of the chapel and up the isle, passing every pew to reach their reserved seats. This procession gives everyone in the congregation an opportunity to see what wonders the hatters have created for their Woman's Guild President that year.

Elsewhere in Cloverdale families are spending this glorious Mother’s Day in church, in the parks, and in the local restaurants and pubs treating mothers to a day away from the kitchen.

Happy Mother’s Day to Mother’s Everywhere.

Cloverdale Mother's Day Weather:
An abundance of sunshine is expected today with pleasant temperatures. Picnics a must for those wanting to surprise Mother on her special day and the weather will not disappoint.
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