Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It Pays to be the Early Riser

Maynard and Morris Marsh live at 23 Applegate Apartments in Cloverdale. Today they are on a field trip with their class from Confederacy Primary School. Maynard woke first. He remembered the two new Dr. Suess shirts his mother set out on the dresser the night before. She found them at the Salvation Army Thrift Store and thought how cute it would be for her twins to dress the same for their field trip. Morris, the younger twin, forgot and slept in, a decision he regretted the rest of the day.

Maynard's early rising meant he dressed first, making him the day's happy twin. He chose to be "Thing 1". Morris, on the other hand, was left with the 'other' shirt, leaving him a foul and unhappy "Thing 2". Ever since birth, coming in second to Maynard has been the story of his life. Wearing a shirt to remind him, and everyone else that looks at him, of his proper place in their birthing order was something he didn't need.

He made it through the day, pleasuring over the thought of an accident he knew would occur next washing day. He knew that bleach and colored clothes didn't mix. How tragic, he thought, that their new shirts would only be worn once.

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