Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Eraser Premiers at Cloverdale's Grand Theater

Cloverdale’s Grand Theater will host the World Premier of “The Eraser” a movie written, directed and filmed by Mrs Fife’s Film Making Class at Cloverdale’s Comprehensive School next Thursday night at 7:00 P.M. Tickets for the event are on sale now. They can be purchased at the Grand Theater, the Comprehensive School, or your local Piggy Mart - home of the Bladder Buster Fountain Drink.

The Comprehensive School's Film Class

The film was financed by the students themselves. Bake sales were held at all school sporting events, drama productions, and Glee Club recitals. Additional funds were obtained through grants offered by the Confederacy’s Council of the Humanities and Cloverdale’s Art Council, chaired by Natalie Solmensky of 243 Maple Lane.
“Student films are something we take seriously in Cloverdale,” Miss Solmensky said when asked her thoughts on next week’s premier. “Mind you, attendance at the premiers is always disappointing but those of us that straddle the real world and the artistic world are used to being misunderstood by the uninformed public.”

The film tells the fictional story of a man called “The Eraser”. He is the head of a fictional Totalitarian State’s Secret Police. His job it to hunt down those who harbor views and interests different from those of the fascist state’s dictator, "Big Brother". These undesirable’s are effectively erased from society by The Eraser’s organization. It was as if they never existed.

Half way through the film, The Eraser is given the assignment to ‘erase’ a beautiful young woman played by Merna Solmensky, daughter of the Natalie Solmensky, President of Cloverdale’s Art Council. Predictably the two fall in love. This forbidden romance nicely thickens the plot making the ninety minute film almost sit throughable.

The film is rated PG due to language and closed mouth kissing (the script called for something more romantic but Merna and the leading man are second cousins).

Be sure to block out 90 minutes of your time to support our local student’s attempt at a cohesive story told through film next Thursday at the Grand. Donations for next year’s production “Apple Sauce and Arsenic” will be accepted at the door.

Remember, outside food and drinks are never allowed at the Grand.

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