Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Message from the Confederacy's Ministry of Health and Asylums

Warning. Spending too much time on the internet may cause serious psychological damage. Other studies performed at Cloverdale Community College may indicate severe psychosis, textured by a lack of physical movement, can also result from hours spent locked away in a basement while wired to the net.

This groundbreaking study may also suggest an increase in cavities from lack of proper oral hygiene resulting from an internet diet rich in chips and soda. The third section of the report points to a disturbing increase in body order from extraordinary time spent on the internet. It appears, according to this study, that those addicted to the net spend less time on personal care. This forms a dangerous self fulfilling cycle. Lack of social interaction leads to a decline in the use of soap and water which leads to body and mouth orders which lead to further social isolation which leads to more time spent on the internet which leads to more of a decline in the use of soap and water etc.

Your Government Ministry of Health and Asylums urges you to turn off your computer, take a shower using soap, wash your clothes and emerge from your basements into the sunshine.

This ad is another example of your Tax Dollars at Work.

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