Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Benny Brewster, Cloverdale's Weekend Star.

Benny Brewster of 14 Wilburdale Circle, Cloverdale felt like a celebraty during last weekend’s grand opening of Pixar’s newest movie Up at the Grand Theater in Cloverdale’s beautiful village centre. Benny was the most popular person in town that weekend because of his resemblance to Russell, the young animated character in the story. Benny's rise to weekend stardom started when Benny saw Up for the first time while visiting his grandparents in the Other World.

Before the movie started, Benny’s grandparents commented on Benny’s resemblance to the young boy Russell. At first Benny ignored their comments. He was more interested in his popcorn, Red Vines and Coke. But when Russell made his film appearance on Carl’s door, Benny stopped eating and looked at the 3D Wilderness Scout his grandparents said he looked so much alike. He thought for a moment then decided they were right; he really looked like Russell. Suddenly he had a brilliant idea. He would become Russell when Up came to Cloverdale. It was his ticket to Shire Celebritydom.

Benny waited month after month for news of Up’s arrival in the Confederacy. Then one day three weeks ago, Benny saw the one thing he’d been waiting so long for. As he walked by the Grand Theater on his way to school, Benny saw the movie poster for Up in the lobby window. It was finally coming to Cloverdale! He ran home to tell his parents.

Benny and his mother spent the next several days looking at the movie poster. They took pictures of Russell so they could find the right clothing most resembling a Wilderness Scout. Their preparation paid off two days before opening night. Benny and his parents paid the Theater Manager a visit. Benny was dressed as Russell when they arrived for their scheduled appointment. The manager opened his office door. Benny stood in the doorway with his hand outstretched. 

“I’ll be darn. You look just like the kid in our upcoming movie,” he exclaimed.
“That’s what I want to talk to you about,” Benny replied.

Thirty minutes later the family left the Theater with a contract in hand. Benny would be on hand the entire weekend in the Theater Lobby greeting the movie goers and signing autographs. In return for his services, Benny and his family received 8 movie passes with a gift card for popcorn, candy and drinks.

Benny was a celebrity for one weekend. He was the village's darling son. He was photographed with nearly every kid in his school and his cheeks were pinched by every grandmother. His teacher gave him an A for drama, excusing him from the play the class was rehearsing on the four food groups.

Benny’s life has returned to normal since Up's opening weekend, but the memory of stardom hasn’t diminished. If asked, Benny will admit he's changed what he wants to be when he grows up. Instead of being a fireman, Benny is planning on a career in 3D acting.

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