Saturday, March 6, 2010

Liza Eyestone Quits Youth in Movement After Fire.

Liza Eyestone woke up on March 2nd excited about the Little Miss Springtime Pagent sponsored by the Shire’s Youth in Movement Organization. Youth in Movement works with local communities to sponsor activities to motivate sedentary student to Move for Health. Liza was contestant number 7, her lucky number. During breakfast her mother Minerva asked her several questions that could come up in the pageant.
“What do you want to do when you grow up?” she asked while buttering a piece of nearly done toast.
Liza knew the answer she and her mother had practiced several times but purposely hesitated, as if giving it some thought.
“I want to be a teacher of the lost and misguided children residing in the Morning Glory Reform School for Encouragables. These poor children have lost their way. They need after school activities. They need to run and jump for mental and physical health because we all know the path to mental wellness starts with physical wellness. Research proves ......ah, hmmmm......” Liza forgot the rest but mumbled her way through. “In my spare time I want to work at the Nearly There Home for the Elderly and Infirmed helping the old people use physical exercise to extend their lives.”

Minerva held her hand to her mouth, overcome by emotion at her daughter’s display of over practiced sincerity. She pulled out another 3X5 card from her stack of questions. She read it silently, glanced up at her daughter over the edge of the card, cleared her throat and read it aloud.
“How can you make a difference in the world if you win this pageant?”
Again Liza thought carefully not to rush into an answer, thus giving the judges the feeling of over coaching.
“I can set an example of movement in life. I can use my position to preach against video games and television. Kids need to stop reading so much and get out and MOVE. I can organize students like myself to search out the overweight and miserable, the lonely and depressed and invite them to come out and ride bikes and jump rope and , and.... ahhhhh YOUTH IN MOVEMENT!” Liza shouted, losing her train of thought.
Liza emphasised her final point by slamming her fist on the kitchen table.
“Praise Jesus!” Minerva shouted with both hands held overhead.

They were ready. They gathered their things and drove away from 98 Preston Drive with the knowledge that with the Lord’s help, Victory would be theirs.


Liza lost the pageant, taking 10th place out of ten contestants. Her defeat was self inflicted. Liza was new to the motion movement and hadn’t practiced her baton the way she should have. Her arms grew weak causing her to lose her focus. Her baton went out of control during her final throw, crashing into the overhead spotlights. Three of the lights exploded, raining sparks and shards of glass onto the stage and judges below. Mrs. Mathey McMartin Lewis’ heavily lacquered hair caught fire. She toppled out of her head judge’s chair. Shrieks and screams escaped from the throats of the audience. Liza ran off the stage and hid in a stall in the girl’s restroom.

Liza’s mother found her, comforted her and assured her that accidents happen. They left the auditorium, pausing only long enough for a picture from the Confederacy Times.
Liza has informed her mother that she’s giving up Youth in Movement. Her books were more her lifestyle, and of course her texting.

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