Friday, February 12, 2010

We Never Claimed our Village's Psychics Were Any Good.

Madam Voyant, a leader in Cloverdale's Psychic Community is suffering from professional embarrassment today. The 2010 Community Psychic Fair scheduled to meet at noon in the Charles DeGalle Room at the Le Petit Mort French Bistro on the High Street was canceled yesterday due to double booking. It was Madam Voyant's fault for not writing the correct date in her planner. The manager of the Bistro wrote the notice on the sandwich board. Madam Voyant protested the wording. He thought it funny and insisted it stay. She cornered him at the cash register and foretold disaster if he didn't reword the notice. He refused again saying that if she wasn't good enough to foretell a double booking then how could she be gifted enough to see a misfortune blighting his restaurant from the hands of the Fates?

The Madam and her followers left the Cafe, but before doing so, they gathered outside on the pavement and, as a group of psychics, pronounced a curse on the manager.
Strangely, the notice board disappeared with them.

The manager filed a complaint with the Constables.

The Fair has been rescheduled for The Kicking Donkey in two weeks. Madam Voyant forsees no problems and good weather.

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