Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Miss Rosie Fissure McMartin Bean Wins Chamber Maid of the Year Award.

Miss Rosie Fissure McMartin Bean is the Chamber Maid at Miss Libby’s Bed and Breakfast on the Station Road. She cleans the guest rooms and lobby. Her work is outstanding. Rosie takes great pride in giving her guests the best Bed and Breakfast experience her cleaning agents and good old Cloverdale elbow grease can provide.

Last year, Mrs. Wineafred Bloopus, heir to the Bloopus Bright Cleaning Solution sponsored the Chamber Maid of the Year Award. Hotel, motel and Bed and Breakfast owners were encouraged to submit the names of their top maids and house keepers. A photograph and essay were required with each entry along with a bill of sale showing the establishment purchases Bloopus Bright Cleaning Solution.

Miss Libby thought about Miss Rosie the evening she saw the commercial advertising the competition on Cloverdale Weekend Television. Miss Libby isn’t one to sit and put pen to paper. Although outgoing and friendly in person, Miss Libby suffers from a peculiar shyness when putting her thoughts to paper.

After a quarter hour of pondering while sipping a cup of peppermint tea in the parlor, Miss Libby took a deep breath, reached into the sideboard’s top drawer and took out a sheet of Miss Libby’s Bed and Breakfast Stationary and a pen. She considered her sentences carefully, wanting to give Miss Rosie the opportunity she deserved. She wrote, and rewrote and erased. She anguished over the adjectives and pondered the adverbs. Three hours later she laid down her pen and held her composition up to the light of the Tiffany desk lamp. It was the best she could do. She put it in an envelope, sealed and addressed it and placed it in the mail drop for tomorrow’s collection.

Three weeks later the phone rang. 
“Miss Libby?” a kind woman’s voice asked. Miss Libby could tell from the pops and scratches it was a long distant call.
“Yes, this is Miss Libby,” she answered, speaking in a louder voice to compensate for the poor connection.
“This is Mrs. Wineafred Bloopus’s personal assistant. We are calling to tell you that Miss Rosie Fissure McMartin Bean is the winner of our this year’s Chamber Maid of the Year Award.”

Miss Libby jumped from her chair, finishing the conversation with her hand cupped over her mouth to contain the scream that sought release. It was one of the happiest days in her life - and the life of Miss Rosie.

Miss Rosie and Miss Libby travelled by Coastal Express to Capital City for the awards ceremony, held during the closing meeting of the Bloopus Bright Cleaning Convention.
In presenting the trophy and the $500 check, Miss Winneafred Bloopus highlighted Miss Rosie’s qualifications. In ending her remarks Miss Winneafred said:
There is one added service Miss Rosie performs for her guests that no other contestant does. Miss Rosie personally warms the beds for the guests staying in her rooms. Miss Libby, the Bed and Breakfast’s proprietor said that the cost of heating blankets and the electricity to warm them was cost prohibitive. Miss Rosie didn’t let that economy stop her from ensuring the comfort of her guests. Miss Rosie asks each resident for their expected bed time. She knocks on the door 10 minutes before, folds back the sheets, climbs in and, using her own body heat, warms the beds. This is going above and beyond the call of duty. Miss Rosie is truly exceptional and we are delighted to give her this award, along with a year’s supply of Bloopus Bright Cleaning Products.
Miss Rosie is an outstanding citizen of Cloverdale. Upon her return scores of friends and neighbors met her at the train station. A small parade was held in her honor, taking her from the train station back to the Bed and Breakfast. Miss Rosie rode in a convertible following the Odd Fellows Band and Girl Scout Troop 3, who’s members sold boxes of girls scout to the people gathered along the parade route.

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