Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Saved by Grace Lutheran Lady's Guild Sponsors a Relief Drive for Haiti.

Esther Beacon, Seated Center, and the Other Ladies in the Save by Grace Lutheran Church's Relief Drive for Haiti.

Last Thursday the Ladies Guild at the Saved By Grace Lutheran Church in Cloverdale finished their quilts, scarfs and mittens making up their congregation’s contribution to the Confederacy’s Aid for Haiti Relief Drive.

“Our Ladies have been working for two weeks on our Church’s response to the tragedy in Haiti,” Paster Rollin Runolfson said during his sermon last Sunday. “After careful consideration the Ladies Guild settled on a relief package focused on the plight of becoming homeless in the dead of winter.”

“Those poor folks are homeless in the dead of winter because of that earthquake don't ch’ know,” said 74 year old Esther Beacon, Chairwoman of the Guild’s Governing Committee. “Can you imagine the cold, snow and ice. We’ve heard other countries are sending tents, but I ask you, what good are tents without blankets, mittens and scarfs? Don’t they have any sense in the Other World?”

The congregation responded by donating winter coats, jackets, long johns, and wool. The Guild immediately went to work on three new quilts. Thanks to copious amounts of tea and coffee and several sleepless nights the ladies finished their contributions to the Confederacy’s Relief Effort and shipped their donations by Coastal Express to Capital City in time to meet the Government’s relief flight.

The Mayor of Cloverdale proclaimed this Sunday to be “Lutheran Lady’s Guild Day” in appreciation for the women of the Saved by Grace Lutheran Church’s contribution to the poor and suffering in Haiti at this winter time. The Mayor will be in attendance at Sunday Worship to deliver the certificate himself. The ladies are preparing a surprise for the Mayor. After his presentation, the Mayor will be given a small hand towel with his name embroidered on the lining in appreciation for his appreciation of their contributions to the poor and suffering of the Haitian people.

Sunday will be a day of mutual appreciation in Cloverdale.

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