Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lacy Gets a Raise at the Dairy Queen

Lacy Lamberth, the Queen of Cloverdale's Dairy Queen

Lacy Lamberth lives at 356 Cluffton Close in Cloverdale. She was recently promoted to cashier at the Dairy Queen. The promotion came with a 2% increase in her hourly wage. Lacy is happy with this new arrangement. She wanted to get away from the grill. The heat and grease was playing havoc with her complexion. Besides, working the cash register gave here more talk time with her friends when they come in.

Lacy asked to be promoted several times and each time she was refused. Monday was the last straw. The camel’s back was broken. On her way home from work she stopped at Wimpy Burger and put in an application. She didn’t want to leave Dairy Queen but knew she had to do something to force her manager into action. Two days later the manager of Wimpy called and offered her the job.

The next day Lacy went to work early to give her manager an ultimatum. He either promoted her to the front of the store or she walked. Lacy knew the manager. She knew he had a crush on her and liked to keep her on the grill so he could stare at her from his desk. Lacy gambled he wouldn’t want to lose his scenic view; she was right.

Lacy marched into the Dairy Queen a few minutes before the start of her afternoon shift, walked to the manager’s desk and waited for him to get off the phone.
“I got a job a Wimpy Burger. I start on Monday. I’m putting in my notice.” Lacy explained. She smiled, turned and walked to the grill. She was doing her apron when he got out of his desk and walked over to talk.
“Now Lacy, are you sure you want to leave. You’ve got it pretty nice here. Everyone likes you and you are very popular at school,” he adjusted his bow tie as he spoke. He was a bit of a nerd and very proud of the fact that he made afternoon manager when he was a senior at the Comprehensive School.
“Ya, you’re right. I’m popular. That means all my friends come here to hang out and when they’re hanging out they buy stuff.” Lacy was on to something. He was right. She had tons of friends and they always stopped to hang out every afternoon. They spent a lot of money at Dairy Queen, money that would soon find its way to Wimpy Burger.
“You know what it will take to get me to stay?” Lacy said while opening a box of frozen beef patties.

The manager thought for a moment. He shuffled his feet. Inside he was struggling with the fact that he was being played by a girl three years his junior. He wondered if he should stand on principle and let her go or surrender the position to keep her.

The manager agreed to her terms. The promotion was granted, along with the raise. The manager had to keep her. In his opinion Lacy was the only good looking girl in the store.

Lacy is happy and invites her friends to continue to come visit while she is on duty most afternoons right after school.

Cloverdale's Dairy Queen. Stop in for a Blizzard. How about a Chili Dog!

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