Thursday, January 21, 2010

Professor Teemont Demonstrates Super Sound at the Community College

Professor Teemont teaches at Cloverdale Community College. Recently he received a grant from the Confederacy Defense Ministry to research new methods to enhance human hearing. Not wanting to duplicate work being done in other countries using electronic methods of enhancing hearing, Professor Teemont spent his grant money to research and perfect a method of hearing sounds from great distances without the aid of electricity.
"Our soldiers in the field cannot always count on electricity to help in surveillance," the Professor said in a recent interview. "My method of amplified hearing solves the problem, thus giving our soldiers an advantage in the field. I call this invention Super Sound."

Professor Teemont demonstrated Super Sound in the college's parking lot yesterday. Attending were local dignitaries, Professor Teemont's undergrad students and members of the government grant review team. All seemed to be impressed although Super Sound's effectiveness in the field was questioned due to weight and size concerns. The Professor said he understood their concerns and was working on another grant to build a smaller version of the product. Professor Teemont hopes Super Sound will keep him in grant money for the foreseeable future.

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