Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Abe Frampton and his South Fork Ranchette. Beef's for Dinner - The Best Beef in Cloverdale

Abe Frampton runs a few head of cattle outside Cloverdale along Highway 3. He calls his ranchette South Fork, named after the famous ranch from ‘Dallas’ an old American TV show.

Abe’s cattle are raised “clean and natural” as Abe puts it. They graze until its time to put a bullet into their head. Once down, the cattle are processed in Abe’s own facility. Its a messy ordeal for sure but Abe’s isn’t bothered. It’s what his family has done for several generations. In fact, Abe got to shoot his first cow when he was ten.

Students from the Comprehensive School’s Foods and Cooking Class list a field trip to Abe’s ranchette as their best field trip of the year. Abe calls the teacher when he’s preparing to process another cow. Students are given special parental permission forms to view the killing and butchering process from beginning to end. The teacher believes students should see for themselves the work that goes into that tasty Frampton steak they love to order at the local pubs and restaurants. On the day of the butchering the students go out with Abe to select which cow will end up on someone’s dinner plate that night. Students put on special plastic aprons and goggles and assist in the processing, butchering and packaging of the meat. The bus driver is usually willing to take the meat into town for Abe. The pub and restaurant owners know to pick up the meat at the school. Those who discover a sudden weakness in the stomach are excused. Strangly enough, some students return to the school as vegetarians having never fully realized the truth behind the steak.

Friends, If you want to taste the best steaks in the Confederacy be sure to order a Frampton steak the next time you eat out at one of the village’s finest eating establishments.

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