Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tina's Wild Ride

The Martin Family of 231 Cottonthorn Way, Cloverdale celebrated Tina Martin’s 10th birthday last night. After enjoying birthday cake and ice cream Mr. Martin loaded the PVan with the party goers (Tina and her best friend Julie along with Tina’s younger brother and sister) and set out to entertain. Money was tight so Mr. Martin knew whatever they did had to be cheap.

He spent most of the day pondering the problem. Finally, one hour before the party began Mr. Martin stumbled upon an idea. while driving to the Piggly Wiggly to pick up ice cream and cones. Mr. Martin works as a pot hole technician for the Shire Road Works. He knows where the biggest and deepest pot holes are located. On his way to the Piggly Wiggly Mr. Martin hit one of the pot holes. He wasn’t wearing his seat belt. The impact sent him out of his seat causing his head and the roof of the car to come into direct contact. The party idea came to him at that moment.

After the refreshments Mr. Martin stood to announce the next part of the birthday party. He told them they were going on a roller coaster ride around the Shire. Of course all three jumped up and down with excitement. Little Mertle Martin was too young to understand. She sat in her high chair and chewed on her left big toe.

For the next hour Tina Martin with her friend and family enjoyed the best party ever. They experienced the worst pot holes the Shire could produce (and at this time of year there were plenty to go around). They were thrown about the interior of the Van like popcorn on a hot kettle. Not one injury to report except for little Sam’s swollen lip.

Finally, after saving the best pothole (which was three inches short of being labeled a sink hole) for last, the party started for home. Mr. Martin noticed the PVan was acting strangely but he paid it no heed. It was an old van and had seen worse in its day. He was just happy to be called the best daddy in the whole world by his precious little 10 year old Tina. It was a birthday she’d never forget.

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