Monday, November 16, 2009

Dinner with the Franz Jordans

Dinner at the Franz Jordans of 45 Wilma Avenue, Cloverdale is something never to be missed. They are a couple that love to have fun with their food as evident in this picture taken at a dinner party for the couple’s special friends last Tuesday.

During the day Samantha Jordan is the librarian at Confederacy Elementary in Cloverdale. Franz is a butcher at the Red Owl Grocery Store. They met each other three years ago at a Wizard of Oz convention in Capital City. Samantha was dressed like Auntie Em. Franz as the Cowardly Lion. They both were invited to moderate a special panel discussion on the influence of The Wizard of Oz to the world created by JK Rowling. They claim it was love at first site.

Friends, I give you the Franz Jordans. It’s people like this that make Cloverdale such a special and happy place.

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