Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tina Waits for Cloverdale's Second iPod.

Tina Terry lives on Marlow Country Road outside of Cloverdale. She’s expecting a package from Apple Computers. She ordered her first ipod and is beside herself in anticipation. Dolores Dunby, Cloverdale’s Post Mistress, called and told her the package arrived and was on its way. Dolores Dunby will happily call you when your special packages arrive if you fill out Post Office Request Card 43-332 at least three days before the package’s expected arrival date. Dolores is a bit of a snoop and may call to inquire about the package's contents. She is quick to add that she needs to know for "official reasons in her capacity as Post Mistress".

"Its an iPod," Tina revealed when Dolores called to ask about her package.
“What’s an iPod?” Dolores Dunby queried.
“Its a tiny computer that you can hold in your hand that plays nearly two thousand songs.” Tina answered in such an excited voice she had to stop mid sentence to catch her breath.
“Oh really,” Dolores replied, not really understanding what Tina was on about.
“I’ll be the second person in Cloverdale to own one. They’re all the rage in America.” Tina added.
“Oh really,” Dolores again replied, except this time her interest was pricked. She had something she could pass on. You see - Dolores is the source of much of the gossip that circulates in the Lady’s Clubs of Cloverdale. This was definitely something her clients would take an interest in when they meet for coffee next week.

Dolores's called at 2:04 P.M. Tina was home watching old reruns of Gilligan’s Island on Cloverdale Weekend Television. Dolores said the Postal Van was on its way and should deliver the parcel at 2:32 P.M. Tina couldn’t wait. She looked out the window and saw a storm developing over the mountains. She ran to the hall closet, found her raincoat, opened the front door and bolted out into the wind. The walk down Terry’s long dirt drive to the highway usually takes four minutes. Tina ran it in one.

Now Tina waits. The storm billows around her. The wind grows stronger and Tina wishes she’d remembered to wear shoes. A sane person would run home to get out of the weather and wait by the front window. Tina is temporarily insane. Becoming an new iPod owner makes one do insane things. She saved her money for nearly one year to buy this iPod and its almost in her hand. She plans on waiting right where she is - alongside the highway.

She looks toward the village. She thinks she sees a bright yellow Post Office Van. Her excitement turns to disappointment as the van gets closer. The Williams are returning from the village in their orange PVan. In the dust and wind it nearly looked yellow from a distance.

The Willowby’s drive by and stop, wondering if she’s all right. She takes ten minutes of their time to explain an iPod. She only stops talking when Mr. Willowby takes his foot off the brake. The car slowly moves forward. He taps on the gas and in two seconds they are out of ear shot. Neither of them understood a thing she was talking about anyway.

Today is a special day in Cloverdale. The village’s second iPod is about to be delivered. Another sign that Cloverdale is keeping pace with the ever advancing world.

Later tonight half the student body of Cloverdale’s Comprehensive School will be at Tina’s home. Each student will patiently take their turn listening to the music they all love through tiny white ear buds. The last time anything electronic brought this kind of excitement to the village was when the Darling’s of Cherry Creek Road purchased Cloverdale’ s first color TV back in 1967. Now that was another day to remember!

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