Friday, August 7, 2009

Marla's Curb Side Library Service

Marla Frapoui of 32A Terrace Flats, Cloverdale was honored today at the Cloverdale Village Library for checking out her 5,000th book. This puts her in second place behind the Widow Wilson for the the most books checked out in the Library’s history by a single person. This picture was taken as Marla exited the library with a stack of newly checked out books and her award certificate.
“Ummmm, well I ........... not sure what......,” We think Marla said when asked for her reaction to the news. We can’t be sure because Marla speaks slightly above a whisper. It was also noted that her pale, lifeless color is not from anemia but from a lack of sunshine.

“Marla. Our Marla? Oh...... she don’t get out much don’t ya know.” said her grandmother and guardian. “She’s buried in them books isn’t she?. Morning, noon and night her nose is sniffin those pages. Barely has time to tend to an old dying woman. Surprised she isn’t blind.”

Marla can read two books a day if she puts her mind to it. She prefers historical fiction but has been known to read romance, science fiction and fantasy. If she can’t find what she’s looking for in Cloverdale’s library she will ask the librarian to special order the book from the government library in Capital City.

Marla gives back to the community with her Curb Side Library Service. One year ago Marla convinced the librarian to give her fist choice of the books too damaged to remain on the library’s shelves. instead of selling them on the metal cart next to the library’s front doors, the library gives Marla fist pick of the soiled and damaged books for her mobile library. In the late afternoon on Monday’s Wednesdays and Fridays Marla stacks a wide variety of books in a shopping cart donated by the Red Owl Grocery Store and walks through the neighborhood offering her books for check out. There is no charge for the service - which qualifies Marla for a government community activism grant.

She doesn’t stay out late on account of the sun but is willing to stop at the bus shelter on Maple and Thornberry Roads for an extended period of time if there are enough people waiting. Its a covered shelter with seats so she can sit in the shade while the villagers pick through the selection in her basket. Just before dark she returns to her flat and her grandmother. The shopping cart is locked in a shed for safekeeping.

Marla was asked how winning the award might change her life. She muttered something in her church mouse voice. No one actually heard what she said due to a passing car. Then off she went with a stack of books in her arms wearing a pick sweater with matching skirt and socks.

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