Monday, May 4, 2009

Lars Bloomer Goes Hunting

Some people love fishing. Others, like Lars Bloomer of 243 Spruce Avenue in Cloverdale enjoy a day of relaxing hunting along Highway 1. He has his favorite hunting spot near the crossroads where Highway 1 intersects with the Coastal Highway.
"The best way to get them deer is patience," Says Lars as he breaks open an ice cold beer from the cooler beside him. "So I enjoy this nature and them birds over there are chirping so it makes it a real natural experience for me. I been stressed lately on account of this slime flu every time I turn on the tv, and with my government assistance checks getting cut on account of this economy I'm finding hunting is my only way to get my mind to rest."

Lars, like other citizens in the Confederacy of Dunces, copes with life his own way. For him success is determined by the number of beers downed and the number of near misses shot in a twelve hour period.

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