Monday, May 4, 2009

Blade Wilford, Anarchist.

Blade Wilford, a 12th grade student at Cloverdale’s Comprehensive School participated in an anarchist demonstration in the Capital City last month. The Confederacy's Minister of Social Occasionals authorized the demonstration and issued a legal permit for the group to occupy the High Street from 11:00 A.M. until Noon. The Dunce Anarchists refused to acknowledge the Minister’s authority to regulate their free speech and did what any self respecting anarchist movement would do - they declared anarchy!

Instead of gathering to demonstration at 11:00 A.M. the group slowly assembled over most of the day. Apparently anarchists prefer to sleep in because of nights filled with both self and societal destructive behavior. Drinking, smoking and pub chasing takes a toll on the body and restorative sleep is necessary.

By 6:00 P.M. the anarchists had enough presence in the city square to begin the demonstration. The first speaker screamed obscenities at the State and Grand Council of Ministers. The newspaper reporter covering the event commented on the lack of structure to his speech but was impressed with his unique vocabulary and creative used of obscene phrases. Several members of the police standing within ear shot applauded when he finished by mooning his own crowd of supporters.

The second speaker stood for several minutes without saying a word. The crowd quieted when it appeared he was preparing to say something. The heavily tattooed and pierced twenty something put his mouth up against the microphone, took a deep breath and belched the word “Death”. Screams erupted from the crowd as they turned to face the Fascist police conformists surrounding the square to keep them away from government buildings. Someone in the crowd shouted the anarchist's battle cry, “Death, Doom, and Distraction!”

Blade doesn’t remember much from the demonstration except the stinging blow he took to the head and the use of his right cheek by someone hoping to plow asphalt road. He was in a holding cell when his senses returned. It was Blade's first time in jail. He thought it “blew chunks” and definitely impacted his free spirit. He knew jail time was the price all anarchists had to pay for the cause but he had plans for the following night in Cloverdale. He called his mother. Mrs. Wilford took the train to Capital City to bail him out.

Two weeks later he was called to the district court to answer to the charge of unlawful conduct in a public square. The judge wasn’t interested in explanations. Besides Blade wasn’t in the mood to give them. An anarchist doesn’t explain his motives. The thought of actions having consequences was sacrilegious to him.

The judge passed judgment against Blade - finding him guilty. His punishment was immediate and brutal. Blade was ordered to ride with his mother, brother and sister in the family’s PVan where ever it went. He was taken to school in it and brought home. He was not allowed to accept rides from anyone else and of course the judge revoked his driver’s licenses.

Today Blade is learning that actions have consequences. He rides as low in the seat as possible and hopes fate will show mercy to an anarchist in the making and hides him from the eyes of anyone he knows. We feel it is good for him and encourage him to continue to make progress to join the world of the living and orderly. Perhaps some day.........

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