Thursday, January 29, 2009

Madam Toppel and the Champagne Ball

Madam Toppel of Toppel's Champagne Dance Academy
Taken just before her fall at the Dibley in the Down MiniMall.
Her hip replacement was successful.

The Salvation Army’s Ragtime Band will be playing at the monthly Champagne Ball held on the last Friday of each month in the gym at the Comprehensive Upper School. Come join your neighbors in a high stepping, room spinning evening of waltz and polka. The Champagne Ball begins at 8:00 P.M. The Cloverdale Cloggers will conduct free dance lessons in the chemistry lab one hour before the dance begins for those suffering from two left feet, club feet, and flat feet.
A special performance will make this month's dance an evening not to forget. Madam Murdle Toppel will get the night started with a free range feather dance. Madam Toppel was the proprietress of Toppel’s Champagne Dance Academy until she retired three years ago at age 92. This will be her first public performance since her hip replacement last summer. Her broken hip was the result of a terrible fall at the Dibley in the Downs MiniMall when jumping from the base of a lamp post while dancing to "Singing in the Rain".
Madam Toppel’s free range feather dance will be very special. She will be incorporating her cane and walking frame (the feathers are attached to the frame) into the dance itself.

Enjoy your Friday evening at the Cloverdale’s Champagne Ball.

Warning: the gym floor grows slippery as the evening progresses due to the soapy residue from the bubbles created by the bubble machine. We urge senior citizens to surrender the floor around 10:00 P.M. before it becomes too slippery. Also, Refreshments are served but the punch tends to get soapy as well.

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  1. one,two, cha cha cha
    one,two, cha cha cha

    I've got to see this woman really strut her stuff when you turn on the disco ball......!!!!!!!!