Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brendan McFarland Sings at The Kicking Donkey in Cloverdale

The Kicking Donkey, Home of Cloverdale's Open Microphone Night
every Wednesday Evening.

Come join us for Open Microphone Night on Wednesday at The Kicking Donkey in Cloverdale. Enjoy their non alcoholic speciality - Fizzy Lemonade. I'm known for saying, "It gets right up my nose," after a glass or two. It brings a round of polite laughter from the table.
The vocal talent on a Wednesday night ranges from the ear shattering to somewhat digestible to relatively decent. You'll get a real treat this Wednesday. Brendan McFarland will be there while his dad enjoys a pint or two with his mates from work. After Brendan, I plan on singing my favorite songs from the Middle Ages including "Et Terra Pax Dominicant". Its a real knee slapper when sung in latin.

Try as I might to overthrow him (even after spending exorbitant amounts of money on voice lessons) little Brendan will steal the show. He enjoys singing. His favorite country artist is Hank Williams. Brendan usually sings every other Wednesday for Open Microphone Night if his mother gives permission. That permission depends on the following:

  1. His Homework is done.
  2. His Chores are finished.
  3. He hasn't fought with his brothers and sisters.
  4. He practiced the piano a full 30 minutes.
 After a quick game of darts, Brendan and his dad enjoy the long walk home. Sometimes they make a quick stop at the PiggyMart. Brendan loves his cherry slurpees.
Brendan is available to sing for birthdays, funerals, company events, weddings and bar mitzvahs.


  1. Hi

    Brendan here. Can't wait for my next visit to The Kicking Donkey. Last time was great. You sang "Et Terra Pax Dominicant" with so much passion. You should have won. But I did, na na na na na.

    Off now, dads taking me to PiggyMart for a cherry slurppe, or maybe a coke float.

    See you soon

    where's my prize money???

  2. you are amazing and you have great parents that keep you well rounded.

    God Bless,
    Meadow Vista CA near Auburn CA

  3. My god what a voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey little dude. I can't stop watching your videos!

  5. Hey little dude,
    I can't stop watching your videos.

  6. I can sum you up with one word Awesome! Thanks for posting on you tube cause I live thousands of miles from you and you maybe I would have never heard about you what a blessing you are.

  7. your are amazing i watch your video every day i like your voice wish you a very good life son take care

  8. I was just recently introduced to Brendan's voice. I wish I had heard him before my Dad passed away March 4th, 2009. He too was a fan of Hank Williams. He would have been in awe of Brendan's voice. He loved to hear children sing. When my Dad would come visit I'd show him videos of his favorite music and I'd also make him copy's of his favorite songs to play while he's driving. I miss my Dad. I would think of him as Brendan sings one of his favorites "Lost on the River."

    Coming from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  9. You are lucky to be able to hear Brendan sing live. He has an amazing talent and I hope that it will help him reach for the stars . ( his first single is already released ).

    If you are interested to read an interview with him feel free to visit :


    All comments are appreciated !

  10. Brendan is brillant i can remebeber when we all were little and we all used to sing together he has always been brillant and his sister is good as well nut she dosen't sing anymore really but am so pround of brendan :) louise from perth :D

  11. I don't know what happened, but every video of this kid singing has been or is being deleted from the web. Even his dad's YouTube site no longer exists, so I guess he was a very very bad boy and his career is over, because without exposure, how will anyone be able to discover his talent now?

  12. He was killed in a car accident in New York city.

  13. please tell me this is not true about the crash

  14. brendan is fine the reson the stuff has been taken off is because he is singed my someone and he is making is album now and if you would like to her breadan the you can buy his single on itunes amzaon and lots more sights and who ever said he is dead you are sick because he isnt :)

  15. thanks for that good news about brendan was worried that somthing happened 2 him who ever said that about him is prob jelious of him

  16. I'm looking forward to visiting the kicking donkey, I hope the drinks are good and the food incredible :-)
    you have one very talented boy living there, Brendan is just an amazing Lad.
    Til then, take care.

    PS. Brendan is fine.
    Best to everyone.