Sunday, February 6, 2011

Classical Music and the its Effect on our Young. Tonight on Cloverdale Weekend Television.

Tonight on Cloverdale Weekend Television's Sunday Classics, a discussion on the effect of classical music on a young and impressionable mind. Tonight's investigation will highlight the tragic consequences of a child's over exposure to Mozart. Sunday Classic's host, Myrtle Pedigrew will introduce us to a young Austrian singer suffering from serious side effects after repeated and prolonged exposure to Mozart.

"My boy was normal, once. Then she got hold of him," the boy's mother said in tonight's documentary. "He was just like the other boys in the neighborhood. He'd play football and hang out with his mates, then she showed up and told us what a fantastic voice he had and filled his mind with all kinds of rubbish about singing. We believed her and went along, not realizing what she was doing to him." In this quote, the mother refers to the neighborhood school's music teacher. The teacher turned down an opportunity to comment for the documentary, pending a lawsuit from the boy's parents.

The Documentary will present a once normal boy, now different. Today he is a boy who suffers from a debilitating illness which manifests itself with strange and abnormal bodily twitches and mannerisms.

"The boy considers himself normal because he sees others in the classically trained population exhibiting the same mannerisms. What he doesn't realize is that he has exaggerated those mannerisms because he isn't old enough to realize that he isn't a 40 year old prima donna, but a 13 year old about to be thrust into puberty," says Dr. Morgan during an interview in the documentary.

Be sure not to miss this story of talent and tragedy and the real world of classical music and its effect on our young. Watch Sunday Classics tonight on Cloverdale Weekend Television.

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