Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cloverdale Weekend Television. Tonight on Classics ReMix. Handel. Sponsored by Miss Violet Pierce

Classics ReMix is brought to you on Cloverdale Weekend Television by Miss Violet Pierce. Miss Pierce has been teaching piano in Cloverdale for over forty years from her cottage on Whispers Close near the Toppem Bridge. Her students have gone on to play piano for local churches and bands. Some have chosen to continue their musical studies at Cloverdale Community College, hoping, but not counting on, pursuing careers in composition and performance. Her rates are reasonable, with monthly lesson plans to fit any budget.

Miss Pierce with Sam Drexer (Problem Player)

Miss Pierce specializes in teaching 'problem players', those with little to no musical talent. Because of her advanced age, her hearing isn't what it use to be. A handicap for some but a blessing for Miss Pierce. Miss Pierce explains that patience is a by product for hearing loss when it comes to the musically challenged. She can turn down her hearing aids and easily make it through lessons marred by the ungodly combinations of notes.

Miss Pierce's students also have access to her famous "Sweety Bowl", a large bowl made of carnival glass that sits atop her upright piano. Miss Pierce is known throughout the village for her one weakness - candy. She is a frequent patron of Humbugs Fine Confectionery in Cloverdale. Her "Sweety Bowl" is filled with the finest Humbugs has to offer. All students who successfully play the pieces assigned the week before are allowed two items from the bowl as a reward for their diligence.

To arrange piano lessons for yourself or a loved one please contact Miss Violet Pierce at
Cloverdale 2351.

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