Friday, April 9, 2010

Bill Visits the American Northwest.

Dear Friends,

Life long Cloverdale resident Bill Schuler of 22 Nightingale Lane, spent last week travelling up and down the American west coast scouting out new and interesting locations for his next tours to America. Bill is, as many locals know, the owner of Bill's Backyard Tours, specializing in down home adventures for those with simple tastes and pocket books to match.

Bill left Cloverdale on the Coastal Express to catch a plane at the International Airport. Flights out of the Confederacy depart every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Noon and 5:00 P.M. Bill was on the Monday, 5:00 P.M. flight. In his last email Bill reported he was trusted with the isle seat next to the emergency exit.
"I enjoyed the extra leg room," he wrote, "but the responsibility of caring for the exit in case of emergency kept me from sleeping, you know the stress and all, thus putting me in such a stupor that I nearly forgot to deplane when we landed!"

Bill is sending regular updates of his travels by email and asked that I post a few of the pictures to this blog in hopes of drumming up a buzz with the locals for his upcoming tour to America called "The Wet Coast Tour". He thought it clever to use the word "Wet" instead of "West"; a play on words using the common knowledge that the West Coast, especially in the northwest, is very wet.

I'm pleased to post a two of Bill's pictures today. The first you saw at the top of this letter. Don't fret. You're not seeing things. Bill found an American copy (and a poor one Bill says) of our very own Cloverdale.
This little sleepy town along the coast will be remembered for two things Bill says.
"They share the same name as our Cloverdale and two, I stepped in one of the biggest cow pies ever when I stepped out of the car to take the picture!"

I showed the picture of our American counterpart to the Lord Mayor. He seemed intrigued there was another Cloverdale on the planet.
"They could become our sister city!" he said enthusiastically.
"What could we possible do with a sister city populated by fewer than 100 people?" I asked.
"How about student goodwill exchanges?" he replied as he dialed the phone to get in touch with the Comprehensive School's Head Master. "We could learn from them and they could learn from us."
"And what are we going to teach them?" I questioned. "How to eat with a knife and fork?"
He wasn't amused....

This is another picture sent yesterday. Bill reports that this establishement will be a must for his "Wet Tour". He didn't include it's name or location fearing competitors would use the information and put his new discovery on their itinerary.
"I've got to protect my intellectual property," Bill wrote.

Bill will be coming home this weekend and plans on presenting a lecture of his travels to the American Northwest this next Friday at the Lutheran Church's Social Hall in Cloverdale. Coffee, tea and cookies will be served. It promises to be an educational experience for all.



  1. That picture is of a California Redwoods park.

  2. Actually it is "Trees of Mystery" A private concession.