Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Problems at the Pumpernickel

The Pumpernickel Roadside Diner was always a favorite stop of mine along the highway leading from Cloverdale to Captial City. They had good service, good food and a family friendly atmosphere.

A month ago I noticed a roadside sign in front of the diner that read:
Morris and June Thank you for the past 30 years. We are Retiring. The Pumpernickel is under new Management. You'll find us at the beach!
I pulled into the diner, parked in my usual place and went in to enjoy my usual, a chicken pot pie washed down with a glass of ice cold milk followed by a slice of June's famous Dutch Apple Pie.

The diner was half full with people that looked like they were on their way to a funeral.
"Can we get some service here?" I heard a trucker shout from one of the north booths.

I walked to my usual table and found a message written in ketchup and mustard from the previous occupants.

I turned and walked out, leaving behind many years of motoring memories. I remembered a Wimpy Burger four or five more miles down the road. Fast Food along the highway wasn't my thing but sometimes one has no choice.

The Roadside Diner may be extinct in the years to come. A sad commentary on today's society.

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