Sunday, March 21, 2010

Monica Busts the Cheaters During Term Exams At Cloverdale Middle School

Picture used by Permission of Monica Ginger Mops

Leland Williams and Toby Langford will be spending the next week in after school detention for cheating on the state math test during term tests last week at Cloverdale Middle School. The boys knew their teacher rarely left his desk while proctoring exams. He always spent the testing hour doing what he always did whenever he had the chance, he answered emails and surfed the net. The teacher was aware of the rumors so he carefully explained before passing out the test that mathematics was a discipline that required one to stay on the cutting edge of research.

“While you test I’ll be preparing new and innovative things to teach for the upcoming chapters,” he explained to the class before passing out the test booklet and bubble answering sheets.

What Leland and Toby didn’t take into consideration in their planning for the perfect cheat was the cell phone camera and proximity of the one person in the class they couldn’t intimidate - Monica Ginger Mops, the class brain and teacher’s pet.

“Busted,” she whispered to herself as she snapped the picture. A few quick finger movements later and the picture circulated school wide, passed from student to student on the Shire's only 3G network. Moments later the picture buzzed through to the teacher's phone. He picked it up and saw exactly what the boys were sure he’d never see, cheating by two of the school’s most popular student athletes.

Monica is pleased with herself. The boys will spend next week in detention planning how to dispense revenge....served cold, of course.

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