Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cloverdale's Upscale Charity Shop. A Must for the Budget Minded Lower Middle Class Mom.

Cloverdale's small Unitarian congregation owns and operate the "Things Over One Dollar" Charity shop on the Coastal Highway a stone's throw outside of the village. It's advertised as your 'upmarket' or 'upscale' charity shop to distinguish itself from the Salvation Army's Thrift Shop in Downtown Cloverdale.

The Unitarians encourage everyone to come in and sample the shop’s goods. Here, instead of old scratched CD’s of German Polka music, you’ll find a tasteful collection of music from such famous artists as Enya, The Beatles, Elton John, The Who and Johnny Cash.

The Clothing Dept. guarantees only the best in the pre owned clothing market. At the “ Things Over One Dollar” shop you’ll find only brand name clothes from such makers as Levi, Dockers, Old Navy, Abercrombe and Wranglers. Everything is priced for our upscale budget conscious clientele looking for a bargain but not wanting to look like they were dressed from Grandpa and Grandma’s closet. Instead of dreaming what it might be like to be popular, by dressing your children in clothing purchased from the "Things Over One Dollar" shop, your children will have a chance to actually BE popular!

If your time permits you are encouraged to take a walk through the extensive electronics department. You’ll be shocked to find CD players, MP3 players and iPods! What you won’t find are record players, reel to reel players or cassette players as you’d find in our competitor’s establishment.

The pride and joy of the “Things Over One Dollar” is the new food department recently opened last month. As far as the owners know there are no other charity shops in the nation with their own food department. You’ll find a large selection of groceries only hours past their Sell By Dates in our food department. Imagine purchasing a Moss Wonderland Bakery Cake for half the price of fresh in the Wonderland Shop on the High Street! Imagine bringing home real milk instead of powered. Imagine real fruit waiting on the table for your young ones when they return from school. Think of your little one’s joy when they invite their friends over for a video and you appear in the doorway with a tray of Doritos and ice cold Coke and Pepsi instead of some cheap store brand chips and soda. Yes, you’ll be the talk of the lower middle class neighborhoods. Your home will be the party house. You’ll be the cool mom. You’ll be the ones on the street everyone refers to as “Rich”.

All of this is yours just by shopping at Cloverdale’s “Things Over A Dollar" Charity Shop. And remember, the Unitarians encourage you to attend services on Sunday to thank your Higher Power for your many blessings.

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