Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cloverdale's Gorman Cousins. Mary Kaye's Exclusive Representatives to the Village

Stormy, Rain and April Gorman always start their work day with a good breakfast at Cloverdale's Super Sausage Transport Cafe on Highway 1.

They need to build their strength before setting out on their daily rounds as the Shire's exclusive Mary Kaye Cosmetics representatives.

Their pink minivan (Stormy's idea, considering they haven't a hope of ever earning the coveted pink Cadillac) not only acts as a mode of transportation but a mobile beauty salon as well. They removed the back seats and installed a small chair, lights and mirrors for on the spot demonstrations of their products and the occasional facial or two. Mary Kaye product is carried on the roof rack.

Last summer the girls added an exterior speaker to the back of the van. Taking an idea from the Ice Cream Man, the girls drive slowly up and down Cloverdale's streets playing music to entice ladies from homes to sample their products.
"You do what it takes to make a living," Stormy said. Although many wonder if the musical pink van is just a lazy way of not actually using their feet and going door to door like their competitors, the Avon ladies.

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